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Haiqi exhibition| warmly welcome the vice chairman of Longgang CPPCC District and leaders to visit Haiqi for guidance and investigation

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On the afternoon of June 6, 2018, Du Chuming, Vice Chairman of Longgang District CPPCC, led a team of CPPCC members and Min Yuhui, director of Culture and Industry Office, visited DCC Cultural and Creative Park for guidance. Sea q stake is a key cultural enterprises, national high-tech enterprises, the company chairman Luo Qi team for a delegation to visit gave him a warm welcome, and introduced the sea to the SIRS leadership q current development status, new and high technology products and q strategic development in the future, emphatically introduces the sea q the wisdom of the exhibition hall to display new retail concept and implementation scheme fall to the ground.

Haiqi exhibition

Haiqi shares is the leading domestic brand planning, design, research and development, display props production and sales, the whole store output as one of the brand store terminal intelligent display integrated service provider.

In this era of rapid development of science and technology, the development and renewal of high and new technology has greatly promoted the development of economy and society, and the exhibition industry has also ushered in unprecedented changes. From the production and upgrading of the traditional industry terminal props to the integrated service provider of the whole store output, Haiqi has always adhered to the independent innovation of technology. At present, it has the innovation ability of smart new retail, virtual reality, naked eye 3D, holographic projection and other digital multimedia, sound and photoelectric system and intelligent high-tech.

New retail smart exhibition hall

The new retail wisdom exhibition hall of Haiqi integrates the intelligent terminal with Space Touch technology, face recognition technology, RFID recognition technology, LED splice screen and Touch technology, AR&VR and other high-tech technologies, and deeply combines it with online shopping and offline experience. It is used in cultural innovation, electronics, communication, makeup, jewelry, clothing, fast consumer goods and other industries, to provide customers with visual, audible, tactile, tactile, usable shopping scene and shopping experience.

Chairman Luo introduced smart shelf/smart shoe rack

Intelligent shoe rack, intelligent shelf: The new retail intelligent terminal series products provide a new shopping experience for the terminal retail store surface. When the customer picks up the shoe on the shoe rack, the display screen immediately displays the detailed information of the shoe (material, technology, color, inventory, etc.), and the mobile phone can scan the code to realize the purchase. The intelligent display rack can display massive products and customized display content, and seamlessly connect with the online mall to provide offline experiential shopping guide and drainage service for online shops.

Luo introduced the black space VR game

Is the black empty sea q shares with d VR games chain brand, the black empty ace game on the day of the dead black empty police and the tactic of purgatory HuoLong tomb spirit, have distinct full scope, not only can bring the enjoyment on the vision, and more stereo surround sound, visual and auditory sensory stimulation, immersive experience.

Terminal display props display

LED splicing screen and touch control technology

The investigation, the delegation to the rapid development of sea Qi gave a high degree of affirmation and praise, which also more firmly the pace of our forward. Become the best brand store terminal intelligent display integrated service provider, so that global brands love sea ice cream.

Haiqi, imperative!

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