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Don't forget the beginner's mind The beginning of | learning ability is the basic dynamic of employee and enterprise sustainable development

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Success = continuous learning + the right way + less empty talk




Best wishes to Haiqi students

Learn to return

Spring in March, spring blossoms. Three years in a flash, Wenshan Lake left countless memories, the growth of the road is full of wonderful. On March 24, 2019, the graduation ceremony of the first batch of Haiqi candidates from Shenzhen University (hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhen University") was successfully concluded!

In order to improve the educational background and professional skills of Haiqi's existing staff and the overall strength of Haiqi talents, Haiqi has been running a school jointly with Haobo Education Group since 2015 to establish Haiqi College.

Talent is the foundation of enterprise prosperity and development, and the competition between enterprises is the competition of talent in the final analysis. For Haiqi, this is not only a bold and beneficial enterprise training attempt, but also a powerful and systematic distillation of professional knowledge; It is a perfect combination of frontline workers with the desire to enhance knowledge and university scholars with rich theoretical knowledge. At the same time, it is also a successful exploration and practice of Haiqi to build an innovative, learning and strong enterprise!

What is a strong learning enterprise? To develop continuously, an enterprise must strengthen knowledge management, advocate learning culture and build learning organization. To talk about corporate culture, we must first talk about learning culture. We should continue to learn, armed with knowledge; We should make continuous efforts to make up our own shortcomings, promote the progress of the team through personal growth and promotion, strengthen the overall execution ability of the team through unity and cooperation, and drive the better and faster development of Haiqi with the growth of the team.

The road to success will not be smooth sailing, each of us is a seed, but flowering early and late. In fact, the most important thing is not to open now, but not in the future.

"Great waves wash away sand, only to see true gold", they fulfilled their mission and returned with honor. During the three years, they focused on their work and took into account their studies, and made no less efforts than anyone else. They improved their professional skills, broadened their horizons, enriched their thoughts, and comprehensively improved themselves, laying a good foundation for their future success. They stick to their original aspiration, are on the road to success, step by step steadfast.

Dong Qing once said on the stage of the Reader: "The beginner's mind is always simple and simple at the beginning, but it will grow up slowly, just like a seed that can grow into a big tree, and it seems to be standing at the starting point of zero and slowly stretching into a long, long road. In the end, we find that the original heart is the heart closest to our original heart among all our wishes, vows and dreams."

The man who toiled on the road often marveled at the speed of the other way to the top, complained that he was too tired and too slow, but never thought about how many dangers and thorns the path was covered with, and how many people had fallen to pieces there. A young man who is timid, diffident, indecisive, fixed, without judgment, without adventure, is bound to pass his life in a dreary and hopeless way.

Recalling the dozens of years of your life, do you still remember your original aspiration? Do not forget the original purpose, stick to the dream, seize the opportunity, meet the challenge. Finally, I wish Haiqi students a happy graduation! Wish you a bright future, all the way to the sun!

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