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Production safety boutique smart | congratulations on haiqi won the decoration qualification and safety production license

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Congratulations to Haiqi on the decoration qualification and safety production license

Recently, Shenzhen Haiqi Exhibition Culture Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Haiqi) has successfully obtained the certificate of safety Production Permit after obtaining the second-level qualification Certificate of Construction Decoration Engineering Professional Contracting issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. The acquisition of this certificate marks the initial achievement of the application of Haiqi qualification and license, and also provides another important permit for Haiqi to establish itself in the decoration industry.

Work safety license is a necessary certificate for the production and construction of dangerous chemicals, fireworks, civil explosives, construction enterprises. It is connected with the enterprise qualification. The enterprise that has obtained the construction qualification certificate must apply for the work safety license before it can be engaged in the recruitment and investment work to receive the corresponding project. They are organic.

At present, Haiqi has been serving the store decoration projects of well-known brands such as Huawei, Vivo, Suning, TCL, Midea, YouBixuan and so on. Previously, Haiqi had obtained the second-level qualification certificate for Professional contracting of architectural decoration and decoration engineering. Together with the successful acquisition of the safety Production License, Haiqi has effectively promoted the expansion of its business scope in the direction of decoration and decoration, and provided effective guarantee for Haiqi to seize the market quickly. It is of great significance to accelerate the pace of "going global", promote the development and expansion of enterprises, and facilitate the transformation, upgrading and development of enterprises.

Haiqi classic exhibition design scheme and project landing

Huawei Shekou Garden City store

Vivo store project landing

Suning Tesco design and implementation

TCL Smart Home Experience Pavilion

Midea 5D microclimate experience store

Robot exhibition hall

In the future, Haiqi will maintain the values of integrity, cooperation, unity and win-win, take "safe production" as the mission, comply with the market demand, and ensure the standardization and normalization of the construction team. Become the best brand store intelligent terminal display integrated service provider, so that global brands love Haiqi manufacturing.

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