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Projection Series - Interactive Projection System
Interactive projection system is the use of advanced computer vision technology and projection display technology to create a fantasy interactive experience, the system can produce a variety of special effects at your feet images. Let you enter a fantastic world of real and fantasy. The project includes water ripples, flipping, collisions, erasing, avoiding, following and other manifestations. The audience interacts with the image of the ground through body movements, and the interactive ground projection system can give the audience a completely new interactive experience.
Hardware equipment conditions
Interactive projection system: projection system, workstations, infrared signal somatosensory
Projection products - interactive projection
Intelligent display can give us a more intuitive and faster way of exhibition display. Through the application of IoT technology in exhibition display, while watching some presentations, we can also use the IPAD in our hands to watch the electronic videos of the displayed items dynamically Introduction, and through the body sensing technology, we can change the product by waved.
Hardware components
System components to the main processor core as the core, the intelligent terminal hardware system is divided into the main processor core, SoC-class equipment, board-level equipment.