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Precipitation youth achievement | a long step in the future Yong YiDuXing

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Precipitate youth achievement future




We are all young people

The Fourth of May is not just a date or a number,

The great power it holds,

It also changes the mission of a nation.

May 4th Youth Day,

In a hundred years later today is still with Haoran righteousness

To guide us on the right path,

Generation after generation of young people have passed on its spirit.

May Fourth wind and thunder for a hundred years

Walking sonorous and brave resolutely

To commemorate the May fourth Youth Day centenary agitation. On May 6th, the first exchange meeting organized by Haiqi headquarters with the theme of "Precipitation Youth, Achievement of Future" was successfully concluded. This is a learning session organized, planned, hosted and shared by the young people who represent the emerging power of Haiqi.

Here, Haiqi people can express their own views and ideas, discuss and learn together, and get full exercise.

Zou Yu, general manager

Haiqi has a young team.

We have young bosses,

You have young managers,

There are also young and promising executors and practitioners.

Zhou Guozhi, Sales director

Youth, in the struggle to spread a more dazzling light.

Dare to think, dare to do,

It is the most outstanding mark of the youth in this era.

Business Department 2 overseas business director Xing Fang

We are young and energetic.

Like the weather in May,

Though the wind and the rain blow,

But the sky after the rain is clear and bright.

Hu Haixia, director of design center

We are dream chasers,

He is also a dreamer.

Pursuing a dream requires passion and ideals,

It takes hard work and dedication to realize a dream.

Because love, so choose.

Some people dedicate their youth to sea qi,

They are fellow travelers and witnesses,

Witnessed the sea qi from the tender young eagle

Grow up to soar in the sky wings of the eagle.

At Sea Cream, you can unleash your ideal and ambition.

Zhang Boqing, Purchasing director

Because of desire/because of effort

Take action to give, to give,

They stand out!

They are the outstanding young people of our time,

They are examples of ice cream.

Excellent employee for April

Share the scene

We have savage bodies, brilliant minds, and incredibly strong beliefs. We have a newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger, the more difficult the more forward of the strong and brave. In the struggle to release the youth passion, chasing the youth ideal, we should be the strongest Haiqi people.

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