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Fifteen years of youth, fifteen years of wind and rain. Saying goodbye to 2018, we have opened a brand new page, and finally ushered in the long-awaited 2019. The New Year opens the new hope, the new blank carries the new dream. After an energetic dance performance, the 2019 Spring Party of Haiqi Shares was held in a grand opening.

Leadership speech and collective oath

Happy birthday to HAIQI!

Duty, diligence, study, stick to

On March 10th, the Haiqi people gathered together. General Manager Zou Yu offered good wishes for Haiqi's 15th birthday. He wished Haiqi a prosperous career and his family a happy, safe and healthy life.

"We hope that Haiqi in the future will not only provide Haiqi people with the necessary material conditions for survival and life, but also build Haiqi into a platform for personal growth and realization of dreams. On this platform, we will provide more opportunities for skill upgrading and learning, and a bigger and broader space for growth," Zou said in his speech.

In the process of transforming Haiqi from a traditional prop manufacturing factory to a smart retail integrated service provider, it is bound to introduce more advanced technologies, talents and resources. Knowledge gives new new era, we have to face and accept greater challenges, only continuous learning and promotion, can be full of confidence to meet the challenge!

"There's no such thing as genius. It's all accumulated."

Later, Chairman Luo Qi shared at the annual meeting: "There is no special talent, everything is accumulated." Thick accumulation and thin hair from Su Dongpo: "extensive view and about, thick accumulation and thin hair". This thin is extracted from the most essence of the most beautiful layer, any time erosion, and forever young. This dialectic is the best explanation that Haiqi is still as strong as before in the past 15 years.

2019 Fight for yourself!

"Get through it, figure it out, survive!" This is a key word that Luo mentioned repeatedly in 2018. The past is the past, now start again!

In 2019, we will actively promote the implementation of performance appraisal and strengthen individual and team responsibility. At the same time, Chairman Luo also solemnly promised that when Haiqi's performance target and profit target are achieved, more cash and equity incentives will be brought to the employees. In this era when performance is king, Haiqi people are required to unite as one and work hard!

During the banquet, general manager Zou Yu, operation vice president Luo Xiaoying, administrative vice President Gao Jianjun respectively led the marketing center, production and operation center, comprehensive service center all staff to make an impassioned oath: "do not be a giant in language, short in action."

Looking back on 2018, only with the support of customers can Haiqi move forward with a hundred times of faith and strength on the road full of thorns and on the road of climbing up. It is precisely because our customers and Haiqi share the same fate and wind and rain, that we can have today's gorgeous and colorful.

As Haiqi people, we should always keep in mind the cultural concept of "be grateful to customers and pay attention to service", and provide customers with the most satisfactory products and services with diligence, blood and wisdom, and the craft technology of "fine carving and ingenuity". All to customer satisfaction as the goal! Concentric walk, drinking water source. We need to contribute our strength to the development of Haiqi with rock-solid faith. Firm step, steady forward!

Entertainment raffle article

The speeches of the Haiqi leaders have come to an end, and the long-awaited performance has finally arrived. This year's Haiqi performance group is online in appearance, level and talent, and the costumes and props are absolutely one in a hundred. Song, dance, quyi and articulate three and a half sentences, punch line amplification. Lights out for you, turns around for you, calls for you day and night...

Sketch 《Every Change 52》-Performer: Design Center

What is the spirit of Yugong who moved mountains? It is faith, faith, confidence and hard work. It is correct faith, firm faith and sufficient confidence! I believe that Haiqi people will have rock-solid confidence, seize the day and seize the day, and the spirit of the foolish old man moving mountains on the new journey. Perseverance can engrave stone; Qieer houses, the deadwood does not fold.

Career A poem reciting 《New Yugong Remove Mountains》

This is the cool VR Virtual Dance with the wisdom of Haiqi, and I still remember it. Can you feel the movement of the dance? It's the smell of art!

《VR Virtual Dance》-Performer: Engineering Department

Looking at the vigorous appearance of Haiqi doll, it is like seeing the spirit of fight, self-improvement and never surrender in us Haiqi people!

Haiqi Wa Martial Arts performance 《Chinese Kid》

The pantomime performance "Stamped" with the theme of "honesty and integrity" was one of the most in-depth shows at the annual meeting. Honesty is not only for officials, no matter what position we are in, we should keep these four words in mind. We also believe that every Haiqi person can be clean!

《Stamp》-performer: Administration Department + Finance Department

Many people say that a really good comedy is one that makes people laugh and cry. Because we can always see our own shadow in those ordinary people, even if life is bitter, we want to use a positive and optimistic attitude to pour countless sunshine into the haze overhead.

Career Two sketches 《Please, Coach》

"Send the Moon" brings us a visual feast, and also lets us see the vitality and optimism of Haiqi people. They are the joy of Haiqi!

《Send Moon》Performer: Design Center

A wonderful interpretation of "Tell us about our company" brought us a thorough understanding of the style of Hai Qi, and a song "Stubborn" pushed the scene atmosphere to the highest point: "To adhere to me, is to conquer just with just"! Adhere to the most lovely! Haiqi people are the cutest people!

Career two crosstalk 《Talk about Our Company》

All the glory of yesterday has become a distant memory. See the success or failure of life heroic, but is to start over. The past is the past, let's start over in 2019 and write a brand new page.

Career II《All Over Again》

Haiqi's "innovation-oriented" thinking was added to the choreography, and a variety of performance forms, such as Cantonese opera, Henan opera, Huangmei Opera and Peking Opera, were integrated into the choreography. It was really a creative mix of folk arts ~

Career ten 《Quyi String Cooking》

In addition to the folk art performance, of course, the modern jazz dance "Familiar Street" was indispensable. The energetic performance was impressive!

Exhibition Factory 《Familiar Street》

They were a group of energetic young men, a group of scrappy Haiqis; They are the fresh blood of our Haiqi and inject fresh power for our Haiqi; They have infinite passion and eternal fighting spirit. They are Haiqi people!

Career Two dance 《Day Day Up》

This is a melodious weeping melodious auditory feast, melody sad ups and downs. It's like telling a moving story.

Career Part 2 Family Members 《Serenade of Half Moon》

Of course, in addition to the wonderful annual meeting programs and interesting interactive games, there were also more than 40 products sold by Haiqi VIP customers HUAWEI and Vivo, such as HUAWEI Mate20 series, HUAWEI Changxiang 8 and Vivo series mobile phones, which were given away by lottery. Thanks to Huawei and Vivo for their trust and support of Haiqi all the time! Surprises and gifts! At the same time there are a lot of cash red envelopes, commemorative coins raffle bombing... Dear families, have you received the good fortune of 2019 (congratulations if you didn't win the lottery)

Grand commendation and award

Fifteen years of wind and rain, 15 years go hand in hand. Thanks to all the Haiqi people for their hard work, the honor belongs to you! Thank you very much!

Haiqi New Artist of the Year

Self-confidence and persistence are your marks, hard work and effort are your marks. You are the future stars of Haiqi, facing the dawn, rising slowly!

Bring about li yu | Chen Yuchan

Haiqi Old Bull of the Year Award

Craftsmanship dreams, labor is the most glorious. You've been working for decades. Rigorous, serious, meticulous is the attitude you adhere to; Steadfast and earnest are your most precious craftsman spirit.

Luo Qiang/Li Fuyuan/Zhong Jiuying

Haiqi Loyalty Award of the Year

After ten years, you have worked hard with diligence and sweat. In the boundless journey, you have worked silently with tenacity and perseverance. You are the true cultivators of Haiqi. With the trembling industry as the pen, pragmatic innovation, drawing on a magnificent picture.

Bring li-ping xiong | YangYanFang | | chines chun-yan feng | OuYangAiYun

Haiqi Excellent Employee of the Year Award

You are diligent, you are brave, you are soldiers with guns, you are good examples of Haiqi.

Huang Huihua/Pan Biao/Huang Haixiong/Liu Bo/Guo Huan

Haiqi Star Award for Best Service

You are the best service star of Haiqi, serving our customers with solid technology and knowledge. You are rigorous, professional, hard-working, down-to-earth, with actions silently dedicated to the ordinary post in Haiqi, with industrious hands and grateful heart to write the dedication of the chapter.

Bring about lau chin lian | li-jun he

Haiqi Annual Outstanding Management Cadre

You created a strong team, for the development of the company can not be ignored contribution, with extraordinary leadership and organizational ability to create a convincing and respected image, this is the true style of managers!

Guan Shengjun/Xiao Qinghua

Haiqi Annual Sales Elite Award

You are the leader of the team, leading by example, at the same time, with wisdom strategizing, with courage to overcome difficulties. Where there is service, there is market. With your unremitting efforts, you led the staff of the department to create and refresh one record after another and create one miracle after another.

Bring Zhou Guozhi

The singing and laughing continued throughout the annual meeting. Each smiling face was full of a different story. Every story carries our memory; And each memory will be our common treasure. Laugh at 2019, we are down-to-earth, proud and full of hope!

Haiqi 15 anniversary


Fifteen years of struggle passion, dazzling and brilliant; Gather the power of dreams, compose a dynamic music! In 2019, we will face new goals, more determined and no longer hesitate; Ignite the dream in your heart, embrace a better tomorrow with passion and life ~ Vientiane REVITalize and move forward with LIGHT!

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