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VR / AR Business Unit
Haiqi Zhizhong is a technology enterprise with the purpose of "Green Display and Intelligent Display" jointly established by Haiqi Group and Zhizhong Group. Through virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) Subvert the traditional exhibition industry, to achieve a real intelligent display. The traditional form of product design is basically set in the text, pictures, flat panels, flat pages and other static display means to give the audience is a passive feeling, "the relationship between people and things" is also a single To, dull, lack of vividness. Smart display technology advantages: short-term production of each model of the three-dimensional model; simulation of the realistic effects of finished products, allowing customers to interact now, a better understanding of the product structure, function; passive thin than the traditional infusion more publicity Infectious Cost savings: can be reused, saving overall construction costs. The process is more clear: Intelligent display can better display the product, not only increase the effect is more intuitive, but also save construction investment and time; Visualization: You can use intelligent display solutions for the entire product demonstration, analysis of the merits of each step, optimize the product ; Before marketing: the scene does not have the display conditions, intelligent display intuitive display of product conditions, advance promotion, savings. Diversified experience free to choose their favorite products, timely replacement of product configuration, understand the functional structure and be adjusted at any time.
VR / AR case show