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Milestone | Indian Haiqi, opening a new chapter in the international layout

2015/06-17   Times of browsing:1955 times

Preface: India is the birthplace of Buddhism in the world, known as the mysterious country. On October 15, 2017, Mr. Luo Qi, Chairman of Haiqi Holding Co., Ltd., brought senior executives of the company together in India to attend the opening ceremony of "Indian Sea-Ki Display Company" (hereinafter referred to as Indian Hai-Ki). Witnessed by the leaders and partners, Haiqi shares a magic light on this mysterious land, the official ribbon-cutting opened. The perfect ending of the opening ceremony also marked the official opening of Haiqi into a new chapter of international manufacturing and globalization.

Guests admission and photo

On October 15, 2017, Mr. Luo Qi, Chairman of Haiqi Co., Ltd., Ms. Zou Yu, General Manager of Haiqi Stock Co., Ltd. and Anil Ji Garg, Director of India's Haiqi, led the move around the lamp to hold the Indian lamp and hold the traditional lighting ceremony in India. Congratulations to the company and guests including Vivian HUAWEI, TRANSION, GIONEE, MCM Lige, Henwa Solutions Wang Yonglin, Sunwoda Gavin Xie, Huaxia win Grant Xia, Anil Ji Garg, Manoj Gupta, Ms Deepali and Daily of India media reporters.

Lighting ceremony and photo

Afterwards, Mr. Luo Qi, the chairman of the board of directors, Ms. Zou Yu, general manager and Anil Ji Garg, director of Indian sea-chi, led the ribbon-cutting of the opening ceremony of India's Ki-Chi and the unveiling of the celebration scene. Balls landed, fireworks in full bloom, voices, applause everywhere. The attendance of all the distinguished guests attended the opening ceremony of the ribbon-cutting project, adding that the joint venture witnessed this moment of historic significance.

Cutting the ribbon opening ceremony and photo

Haiqi shares is currently the high-end service brand of the exhibition industry in China. It is the leading intelligent terminal display integration service provider in China that integrates planning, research and development, design, production and sales, intelligent interaction and after-sales service. India sea-ki is affiliated with Shenzhen City, China Sea Ki display culture limited company's wholly-owned subsidiary. Mr. Luo Qi, Chairman of the Board, pointed out in his speech at the ceremony that India's Kiwi as the first overseas plant to establish its overseas Kiwi shares is the beginning of Haiqi's path to internationalization and an important part in the global strategic layout.

Group photo

India Haiqi mainly serves domestic and international brands in India and local brands in India, mainly for terminal display props needed in industries such as communications electronics, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing and home appliances, etc., to produce acrylic display props, light boxes, luminous characters, hardware and Wooden display counters and other products, the legislature will be the development of the Indian sea-Qi, the same as China's Haiqi brand stores involved in the integration of intelligent terminal display service providers, and hope that China can be high-quality sea-kai products and excellent service concept into India, Good heritage and innovation, make full use of international and local resources, to achieve the company, customers and local win-win situation in India. Haiqi shares have been fully prepared to open a new exhibition in India territory, with high-quality products and excellent service concept, with excellent manufacturing and innovative design research and development capabilities to open a new chapter in international design and manufacturing.

Indian sea ki office and workshop silhouette

The door welcomes a wide range of sources of funds, households satisfied that the spring breeze festive, friendship and justice can be a long time, money from the party to take advantage of long. Take a champagne glass, sea Qi shares all the leadership and staff for the establishment of Indian Sea Ki send my best wishes, I wish the future of our brave, thriving.

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