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Exquisite craftsmanship, especially smart | haiqi shares 2018 annual summary and rules for 2019

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Reflection awakens and changes action



On the afternoon of February 14, 2019, the 2018 annual summary and 2019 annual planning of Haiqi Shares with the theme of "exquisite ingenuity, extraordinary ingenuity" was successfully held in the headquarters. Luo Dong and all the company's senior executives and managers attended the meeting. The meeting comprehensively summarized the shortcomings of the company's work in 2018, affirmed some achievements and experience results, and made comprehensive and detailed arrangements for the work tasks in 2019.

Do hard running dream pursuer

"We're all running hard. We're all dreamers." In 2018, the external environment was complex and volatile, the global economy slowed down, and multiple uncertainties continued to plague the market. Thanks to the unity of the Haiqi people and their efforts to move forward, Haiqi broke through the difficulties hand in hand.

In this meeting, heads of core departments such as planning and design center, marketing center, operation and manufacturing center, Overseas Business Department, cost Planning and Control Department, finance Department, human resources Administration Department and so on shared special topics on their business segments respectively. Last year, each person in charge led his or her team to work conscientiously and conscientiously to help the development of Haiqi with practical actions.

Zou Yu, general manager of Haiqi, shared in the meeting that Haiqi had made some achievements in social influence, government project subsidies, special work results and other directions last year, and made clear the strategic planning of the marketing center in 2019: Everything is customer-centric, focusing on process and pursuing results, while emphasizing the importance of team, performance, service and collaboration. In addition, Mr. Xiao Qinghua, Vice president of India Haiqi, has made great achievements in outreach on behalf of India Haiqi. In 2018, the localization process, team building and business development of India Haiqi have been successfully completed, which brings the work of 2018 to a perfect end.

By luck? Strong!

-- -- --

In fact, there is no one in ten thousand lucky in this world, but we are prepared. There are no miracles in this world, there are only inevitable and accidental, and who does what.

In fact, Haiqi's persistence is not a fluke, but because of the cultural deposits and hard foundation of Haiqi in the past 15 years, which makes more people believe and support Haiqi and brings strength to us!

In 2018, Haiqi obtained a series of professional qualification certificates through intelligent research and development and innovative technology, and received a series of support funds from the government. In 2018, Huawei and Vivo became Haiqi's VIP customers, laying the foundation for Haiqi's growth. At the same time, we have gradually deepened the close cooperation with well-known brands such as Suning,, DJI DRONE, Jingdong, Midea, TCL, Boshi Glasses and NOME.

In 2019, the era of diversity and personalization, sprint marathon running has become the key words of many enterprises. Focusing on the main business, doing big upstream, doing fine downstream, using knowledge and technology to empower has become our business choice in 2019. At present, Haiqi is in the critical period of transformation from traditional display manufacturing industry to intelligent terminal display integrated service mode, and completing the transformation from single display prop design and production to whole store design, decoration, and integrated output mode. Boutique enterprise, data control, process simplification and intelligent production were defined as the keywords of Haiqi in 2019.

In 2019, we need to reflect, wake up, change and act! Management focus in 2019: focus on talent training and echelon construction, effective incentive policy formulation and strict implementation of performance appraisal system. At the same time, we also have a thorough understanding and clear how to serve customers better, create value for customers, exquisite ingenuity, extraordinary wisdom.

Let the dream take root in 2019

-- -- -- --

In 2019, Chairman Luo put forward three requirements for managers: employment strategy, management strategy, honesty policy! The method of employing requires managers to select talents and to move closer to "combat"; Management should be comprehensive, including data, fine, talent management; Clean policy, strictly observe organizational discipline.

At the meeting, Chairman Luo shared a video in particular, the hero's dedication to the dream and the spirit of perseverance is moving. What is your dream, Haiqi people? Setting goals, making plans, executing hard, studying hard and engaging in activities (using activities to stimulate enthusiasm) are what Chairman Luo expects for each of us in 2019. Because have a dream, there will be upward power, in order to dream and continue to work hard, until the other side of success.

While 2018 was a tough year, 2019 will be a year of resilience. Risk is everywhere, no crisis is the biggest crisis; Always maintain a sense of crisis, in order to do no crisis. The year 2019 is the first year after the risk of Haiqi and the first year of survival. It requires Haiqi people to work hard and unite as one. As Haiqi people, we should learn from the new Yu Gong and learn from his belief of "persevering, confronting difficulties and courageously marching forward". Learn his spirit of "indomitable, concerted, foolish old man moving mountains". Because, in front of us there are a lot of "mountains", we need to "dig".

New Yugong moves mountains

The essence of the Yugong spirit,It is faith, faith, confidence and action.Right in faith, firm in faith, and full of confidence,I believe Haiqi people can have rock-solid confidence in the new journey.Only seize the day, the spirit of the foolish old man. Persevere,Stone can be used; Qieer houses, the deadwood does not fold.

If there was a mountain in front of the door

Do you choose to bypass or ignore

If there is a mountain in my heart

Do you choose to push down or be silent

Please open the book "Li Zi · Tang Wen".

The old man named Yu Gong will give you a satisfactory answer

Listen to the pick that digs the hill shakes the earth and the sky

Behold, the steps that carry earth and stones are strengthened with time

And the guy named Zhi Sou

But laughed and mocked

He never believed in changing the earth for the sky

But Yu Gong knew

Stepping stone leaves imprint, dripping water wears away stone

Know we are tall and tall

Said yu Mr.

Let the sea sigh must be more blue than the sea vast

Let the mountains look up must become more majestic mountains

The only thing defeated in this world is short-sighted nearness

What cannot be defeated in this world is eternal faith

If you stand tall, no one can bring you down

If you go on no one can stop you

Even in the mud

Even when I stumble

Said yu Mr.

Come, my son

See the mountain first

Set out towards the sun with great courage

Pave a grand road prancing horse whip

We fought together through many obstacles

Splendid rivers break the waves and set sail

Said yu Mr.

Have a door

Only faith, faith can unlock the code

There is a road

Only believe, insist on can dare to be the first

Come, let us stand on the top of the mountain

There is a belief called

Perseverance meets difficulties head on

There is a spirit called

Undaunted and undaunted

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