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Haiqi news | fire even m safe you I him

2018/06-29   Times of browsing:44 times

At 10 am on June 27, 2018, Shenzhen Haiqi Exhibition Culture Co., Ltd. Huiyang factory, smoke billowing, alarm ringing, many employees covered their noses and ran out, then Haiqi fire extinguishing team rushed to the scene, fire rescue, fire control, originally, a vivid fire drill is being staged here.

(Drill site)

Summer approaching, dry days often exist fire safety hazards. In order to let all employees of Haiqi strengthen understanding and master fire safety emergency knowledge, improve employees' fire safety awareness and escape self-rescue ability, on June 27, Shenzhen Haiqi Exhibition Culture Co., LTD. Huiyang factory in the factory compound organized a full participation in emergency escape evacuation drill and fire drill activities.

Evacuation drill

10 a.m., fire alarm sounded, factory workers use a wet towel to cover your mouth and nose, bend over fell back, in accordance with the established escape route, along the stairs, quickly and orderly evacuation to safety factory compound, and quickly line up collection, head count by department, report the number, the whole exercise is for 3 minutes, the staff all safety evacuation.

(The whole team assemble)

Put out the fire drill

After the drill, the administrative director Zhao Yu explained to the employees how to use the fire extinguisher, how to fight the fire and how to participate in the fire extinguisher, and demonstrated the operation and use of the fire extinguisher on site. Some employees also practiced the field operation of the fire extinguisher under the guidance of the administrative director Zhao Yu.

(Executive Director Zhao Yu explained the use of fire equipment)

(Staff operating fire extinguisher)

(Staff operating fire extinguisher)

Specific use of fire extinguishers

Through this fire drill activities to further improve the sea q staff awareness and fire safety in the face of emergencies emergency self-help ability, to further improve the fire safety emergency plan of the production enterprises, further improve the production line workers and staff of the ability of fast reaction, organization and coordination and emergency treatment of accident, the sea q staff accumulate experience in the fire protection knowledge and skills, It improves the awareness of accident prevention and ensures the smooth operation of safe production.

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