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"Win in the implementation of the victory hand in hand" | Haiqi shares the team elite to expand training documentary

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On November 4, 2017, the elites of Haiqi Group gathered in the tea-tree valley expansion base of OCT in eastern Shenzhen to carry out the expansion activities with the theme of "helping each other, unite as one, surpass ourselves and create excellence" The main sales staff for the backbone of the company's senior management staff to participate in more than 50 people.

The team is not a simple combination of just a group of people, to be able to withstand the test of life and death at any time. Only everyone in the team can work to their fullest potential around common goals. I believe this participation in the expansion of the elite can learn in this expansion will lead his team to work together to achieve common goals and help each other.

Challenge the devil off

Coach to play "devil", all participating trainees must go all out to obtain the devil's approval, in order to customs clearance, the next project challenges. This project awakens the desire for success, allowing the team to maintain a positive attitude and high morale, challenge the soul limits of employees, stimulate their unlimited potential, and help challengers achieve their goals to get rid of demons and truly become heroes with the qualities of success. Maybe you can withstand the physical burden, maybe you can put aside the cynicism of others, maybe you can withstand the pressure of work, but you may not be able to accept the immediate demon king hit you physically and mentally.

Very often, we do things only lack of determination, and in turn defeated their cowardly reasons, brave standing in front of the devil, breaking his demons.

Team ice, style show

Through the icebreaker game throughout, show the style of our company members; the establishment of a small team: captain, team secret, security officer. In a special form of mutual understanding and understanding of the team in a new environment into a new environment; initially formed a warm atmosphere of the team; to guide you into a good state of training; the establishment of the team at the same time introducing the concept of the team; to deepen mutual understanding.

Ostrich egg

Each team uses their purchased resources to produce their own "Ostrich". Each team is a supplier of Ostrich "Ostry Oscillators." As the world's largest purchaser of Ostrich Eggs, the team aims to: Become a coach supplier.

Each team sells its products to coaches. Emphasize the team's information and resource sharing, by enhancing the rational allocation of resources to improve the overall value. Experience the importance of strengthening cooperation among teams, properly handle competition, achieve a virtuous circle, and update concepts of product innovation.

Crack "Da Vinci Code"

This activity is to allow teams to sprint from the starting point to the steps within a certain period of time, one card at a time, to decode the sequence cards of the coach, and to determine the winning and losing of the teams with the shortest set of results. At first, everyone had no clue. During the roundabout, some partners discussed the significance of playing cards and blamed each other. However, as each decoding succeeds, everyone's heart is more and more homogeneous. Failure to reorganize their thoughts, decomposition tasks, and ultimately complete the decoding.

The team has a variety of ability and personality of the members, how to integrate the style of members, to form a consensus, give full play to its role and form a strong cohesion, is the key to a team's success.

Road to Success

Every two waist hold a wooden stick made of Ladder, all take turns climbing Ladder led the entire ladder forward, from the starting point to reach the end. In accordance with the team's grouping, all the team members to reach the end of all, you can get back this group of flags until all the team's team to get back all the flags. The team as a whole progress and promotion based on the progress and promotion of the individual basis. Only every member of the team abide by the rules, play their due role in their own posts, the entire team's work plan can be successfully implemented, companies can progress. In addition, a cohesive team must be based on mutual trust between team members, based on mutual understanding and mutual assistance and mutual trust between team members. Only in this way can team members exert their utmost in their own tasks and put an end to them Worry about.

Plant ideas, harvest actions;

Under action, harvest growth;

Growing up, harvesting fortune.

This training can be described as a sea sown idea of action, it leadership, communication, collaboration, self-above, teamwork these thoughts are deeply rooted in everyone's behavior, through the challenge clearly recognize that as a member of the team Every partner learned to tolerate, learn to sacrifice, learn not to complain, and forgive. These behaviors not only improve the quality of employees, but also improve the quality of enterprises in the subtle, so that enterprises have the fate of not being eliminated. Enhance the stability of the team and the sense of belonging of employees, dedication and motivation, so as to win the continuous competitive advantage of the enterprise. An expansion of training may not bring immediate changes to the enterprise, but it brings the far-reaching effect of the enterprise may give a dream business, guide the business to create the future, so that enterprises go more powerful, more stable and farther.

"The growth of any business enterprise (person) can not become a truly successful business without winter temperament. Only through the long winter can we achieve sustainable development and compete with the world-class enterprises." Is a normal business enterprise, did not experience the winter christening of the business is not a real success of the business. "

Winter is here, can spring be far behind?

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