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Haiqi share | to Hai Qi all the family's two condolence letter ...

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Members of the sea-ki, partners:

Autumn, spend all round the day. On the occasion of the coming of these two quarters, on behalf of Haiqi Holding Co., Ltd., I would like to extend my best regards to all our staff and express our highest respect to the employees and partners who have persecuted their jobs. I wish you all success and a happy holiday.

For 14 years, we cherish, we surpass, we expect, we realize. In 14 years, Haiqi reborn in the fire in the Nirvana rebirth, continue to defeat the storm, miracles, looking back years, we see the hope of the future.

Some people say: "Existence itself is destined to become a miracle without any doubt or doubt." Indeed, in this short span of fourteen years, we have encountered difficulties one after another, but have not depressed our will. Instead, Unite us more, unite us. We use a strong, faith, wisdom to tread all obstacles in the footsteps of this piece of courageous force comes from a young team, from hard-working and courageous sea Ki people.

"Unpolluted mountains and shrouds the horse once again"

This year is the first year of the Haiqi shares restructuring, but also the company's transition from the traditional terminal display products to intelligent, new retail display integration services in the first year, facing the challenges and opportunities, and the purpose of share reform is to let everyone once again unify thinking, In the true sense, we should understand the importance of opening up revenue and cutting expenditure, further enhance our sense of responsibility and mission, take active actions, take the initiative to cooperate, obey the overall situation of enterprise reform and development, ensure the steady development of production and operation of enterprises, and resolutely complete the established enterprises Strategic objectives.

We must establish a strong sense of responsibility and urgency, concentrate our efforts, give full play to our strengths and go all out to speed up the pace of market planning after the reform. Therefore, we must break the shackles of the old system and establish a modern enterprise system that meets the needs of the development of the market economy so that scientific management and healthy competition can "blood" the new market of the Haiqi and make the equity incentive a breakthrough in the development of a binding enterprise , Enhance the vitality and competitiveness of enterprises the key.

The company will strive to improve everyone's happiness index, care about everyone's life, strive to make every employee feel the joy of labor, feel the love of the enterprise, perceive the development of enterprises and their own happiness are closely related. We need to give full play to every employee's intelligence and wisdom at the same time as we are developing our business. We will make every employee's life dream a success and provide every employee with the opportunity to create a platform for more opportunities, more stage and higher income. More beautiful, more full life, more exciting.

As one of the best companies in the exhibition and exhibition industry in China, Haiqi consistently adheres to the service concept of "steady, excellent, professional, honest, pioneering and high-quality" and is committed to providing customers with more in-depth Personalized services and high-level brand culture products, customers and companies to achieve a win-win situation, to create wealth professional, to focus on enhancing value to focus on promoting development. "Nung, moon and new moon". Faced with this bright and clean round of the round, I sincerely wish our business thriving and flourishing. I wish all employees, partners, physical and mental health, family happiness, all the best.

Chairman: Luo Qi

September 30, 2017

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