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The digital display industry takes digital images as the core. Combining three-dimensional digital images with various hardwares such as touch screens, infrared sensors and projectors can present different display modes and emphasize the functions of presentation, experience and interaction. It is closer to the display industry than the CG (digital image) industry, and it is a higher-level display industry that is spawned by the combination of 3D digital image technology and display applications. Digital shows have an unparalleled advantage over the traditional display of "products + panels."

Exhibition in Digital

Interactive touch display

The technology used in the interactive projection system is a hybrid virtual reality technology and a dynamic capture technology, and is a further development of the virtual reality technology. Virtual reality is a technology that generates and interacts with a user through a three-dimensional image generated by a computer. By mixing reality, users can manipulate the virtual image while also being able to touch the real environment, thereby enhancing the sense of the.

Virtual book display

The operating principle of the interactive projection system is to capture and shoot the target image (such as a participant) through the capturing device (sensor) and then analyze the image analysis system to generate the captured object. The motion data is combined with the real-time image interaction system , So that participants and the screen to produce a close combination of interactive effects.

Special effects theater show

Special effects cinema and more use of advanced tracking system, curved ring screen, real-time three-dimensional images, multi-sensory experience design special effects, 360-degree surround sound.

Digital sand table display

Digital virtual sand table, in the 3D city sand table, demonstrate various business, to achieve interactive demonstration; Intuitive, clear, interactive, is the common presentation of digital multimedia carrier; with dual-screen linkage demonstration, the effect is better.

Museum application display

Digital displays are used in museums to enhance the enjoyment of visitors by making visitors more realistically touch face-to-face with historical objects.

Architectural design application display

From plane mapping to three-dimensional real-time multi-person interactive design, technology provides a better alternative to the architectural design industry.

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