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Hai Qi Chi smart holographic display

Holographic products by holographic projection glasses without wearing 3D technology, the audience can see three-dimensional virtual characters. This technique is used more in some museums and the stage. Instead of using digital technology to implement holographic stereoscopic projection equipment, projection equipment projects images of different angles onto a holographic film imported from abroad so that you can not see other images that are not your own, thus enabling true holography Three-dimensional image. Holographic technology with the current virtual reality technology, can play a more real, smooth experience.

Product list

Different from the flat screen projection, the stereoscopic effect is realized only by the effect of the perspective, the shadow and the like on a two-dimensional surface. The holographic projection technology is a real 3D image, and can be viewed from any angle of 360 °. Different side holographic projections can even be performed with live actors Interactive performance, creating a virtual combination of stage effects. Behind the holographic film is the background performer performing area, and holographic digital content side by side, forming a very deep sense and level of the stage effect.

Holographic virtual show

The traditional car combined with augmented reality technology, the user can stay at home 360 ° omni-directional car, you can change the color of the vehicle, the vehicle through the gestures to change perspective. No salesperson can also choose the vehicle information to understand, you can also "open" the door, observe the interior design, watch the car driving status.

Holographic Virtual Car Show

Holographic Virtual Auto Show uses holographic projection technology to present the auto show in a totally new way to the audience. The audience can watch the car making process, the car chassis, the internals such as the engine, which are not easy to dismantle, and increase the experience and transaction conversion rate.

Holographic real-time interactive system

Real-time interactive system based on real-time motion capture, 3D rendering and other technologies integrated real-time virtual interactive system developed, users can interact with the immediate virtual objects in real time.

Holographic real-time communication conference

Remote holographic projection technology can be used in communications conferences so that the two sides of the holographic image projected to each other in front of the dialogue.

Holographic Virtual Robot

Holographic robot can realize the free voice interaction between human and virtual image, interact with each other.

Holographic virtual sand table

Pictures, videos, animations, commentary and other information at the same time, the use of automatic control system will be synchronized to control the light pattern within the model, all-round display of the model to the visitors. Visitors can manipulate the rotation of the sand table model through a variety of gesture actions without the need for people to wear any polarizing glasses, and can watch the 3D phantom stereo effect without any restriction, giving a visual impact with a strong depth sense.

Holographic cockpit

From the inside to the outside comprehensive "dismemberment" all major car parts, creating a virtual environment for people to explore the design, save the actual time and cost of mold.

Holographic high-end conference

Each conference and theme show, are their own corporate image display opportunities! Hai Qi Zhi Chi tailored for the holographic business conference, but also the illusion of real images, bringing unprecedented visual impact, rapid and effective dissemination of its brand culture and product of the core competition.

Holographic TV

From the holographic projection technology is no longer limited by the traditional 3D acoustics, projection of the screen high definition, bright colors, the experience of people shocking and strong three-dimensional, immersive in immersive virtual images can be 360 degrees Feel

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