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Haiqi Share | Take you into the holographic world

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Whenever you see the concert, the holographic show presented at the conference, you are shocked by its stunning effect? However, this traditional hologram is actually two-dimensional (flat screen projection realizes the three-dimensional effect of perspective, shadow and the like only on a two-dimensional surface), which means that we can only view from one angle.

◢  What is 3D projection?  ◣

3D projection is achieved through the use of tulle and other work - such as ultra-fine particles of water, aerosols, etc., using a high-pressure nozzle to show a truly volumetric image technically speaking, this technique is without size and Scale-limiting, infinitely large and can use tracking techniques (depth sensor and image analysis) to allow interaction between viewer and projection.

Holographic projection technology is a high-tech display technology, essentially through the air or a special three-dimensional lens to form three-dimensional images. Holographic projection technology is a true 3D rendering of images, viewing different aspects of the image from any angle of 360 degrees, displaying products through holographic projection, attracting users and promoting branding with this innovative and unique presentation.

Holographic Technology As a subversive and revolutionary technology, we can foresee that it has tremendous value in many aspects. Can be widely used in three-dimensional film, performances, exhibitions, museums, restaurants, interactive entertainment, entertainment, bar KTV, window display, glass curtain wall display, medicine, education and other fields.

Haiqi shares holographic technology with the overall performance of research and development and provide overall solutions and related services, providing integrated hardware and display content to create a one-stop solution.

360 degree holographic projection

The four-sided pyramid is made of transparent material. The viewer's line of sight can penetrate through either side. Through the mirror and reflection of the surface, the audience can see the free floating images and graphics from the conical space.

This system is mainly used for the display of small commodities such as jewelry, watches, etc., the application of a limited range. 360-degree view, high demand on the equipment, a set of 360 holographic imaging equipment including: three-dimensional image display and control system, 360 holographic projection equipment, 360 holographic high projection screen, image reflection system and display system, high performance Graphic computer work.

Holographic projection screen imaging system

Unobtrusive 3D holographic projection screen imaging system, high transparency screen, you can clearly see the image behind the screen and the people, objects and goods, three-dimensional image floating, sci-fi-like visual effects, together with the lights, vocal fantastic feeling .

Haiqi shares tailored holographic business scene for the show, also illusion really images, bringing unprecedented visual impact, rapid and effective dissemination of its brand culture and product of the core competition point, to maximize the brand promotion.

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