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Haiqi Share | Together, redouble their efforts, the sea-season production charge Qihoo clarion call

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| August reading, fiery red, brings together the color of fire; passionate August, filled with youthful atmosphere, affectionate intentions of August, expressing the work of the sea Ki; Hai Qi who filled with unity and hard work, fighting the production season Daring and energetic, no matter walked into the production workshop or the office building of the headquarters office, you can see Haiqi people in a hurry and persistent figure who are energetic and full of confidence to exert their effort and sweat for the company's peak season production. Into the hardware production scene in full swing in the busy scene greeted the neatly planned production site busy and orderly, everywhere will see the staff busy figure and focus on the look, which is full of strong production peak season battles one by one picture.

On the afternoon of August 10, 2017, the season-long seafarer mobilization meeting was held at the factory in Huizhou on schedule. Under the guidance of Luo Dong, a member of the seafarer, the entire staff meeting of the company learned about the eight virtues of "traditional culture, filial piety, loyalty, Letter, courtesy, righteousness, cheap, shame "the essence and thought.

The face of the company is currently in full swing of the sales and production scene and "than, learn, catch, super" working atmosphere, in order to ensure production and marketing work carried out efficiently, the functional division of fine division of labor in order to fully solve the front-line production, marketing department in the work In the process of worrying about, the leaders in charge of each department have made the promises that they will surely achieve and bear the solid backing.

The top leaders of the company made the declaration of cost, efficiency, safety and incentive mechanism respectively

At this conference, Luo made an important speech with particular emphasis on the following:

As long as we work together, work together, have a strong sense of enterprising and a sense of responsibility, we will not have any difficulties we can not overcome. As long as all departments are united, conscientious and conscientious, and fulfilling their duties, we will be able to satisfactorily complete the annual production tasks and targets for this year. In order to achieve our final goal for this year, we must have a spirit of perseverance. We have all worked hard for the past two months, and are physically and mentally prone to fatigue and relaxation. With such difficulties To persevere, this is the fighting force embodied in being a good team. The current task is not only the final production task of the year but also the basis for the overall improvement of production capacity of the company in 2017. It is a real exercise in the battle for greater fighting in the sea. In the face of this last battle in 2017, we must not only win but also To lay, to play beautiful, to play a more solid foundation, next year, our foundation is more solid. Our excellent Ki-Ki team should inherit the hard-working, hard-working tradition of Hai Ki and carry forward the spirit of daring to take the lead and be brave in assuming its responsibilities. We will make every concerted effort to make every effort to lay the best battle in 2017. It also shows that we are a very good team who are not afraid of difficulties, who dare to fight, pull out and play loudly.

You can rest assured that your company will rest assured

As an employee, be sure to concentrate on your work, like a business person in charge like a business, as a business person in charge of the same work, only in this way, the person in charge of the heart that the scale will tilt to you. If you always think of the company, always put the work in mind, business leaders will always think of your future, take you mind; if you rarely think of the company, often put the work in the brain After the business executives will rarely think about your future, you will be left behind.

——Luo Dong share

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