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Haiqi shares half-year meeting of cadres in a safe and sound attitude to improve efficiency to achieve the goal

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Be prepared to be positive attitude and improve efficiency to complete the goal

Luo Dong and Hai Qi family photo in the sea-Qi headquarters

At 15:30 on July 11, 2017, the semi-annual cadre meeting of Haiqi Co., Ltd. was held at the headquarters of the Company in Shenzhen as scheduled on schedule. A total of 60 middle and top management cadres and key core positions of the company attended the meeting. The conference focused on "vigilance in times for safety, Attitude, efficiency, accomplishment target "as the theme, the main content of the meeting is the summary of the work of the Company in the first half of the year and the work plan in the second half of the year, the VIP customer experience terminal storefront decoration production start-up meeting and the third business department bidding to win the award ceremony of VIP customers in South China Region , The first meeting of the company equity incentive mobilization.

Be prepared to be positive attitude and improve efficiency to complete the goal

Headquarters meeting sketch

The conference started with a review of the core values of the enterprise 24 principles of "duty, diligence, awe, regulation, efficiency, learning, competition, persistence, innovation, crisis, quality and smile" The leaders in charge of the company carried out the first half of 2017 summary and the second half of the work plan report on their respective responsibilities and carried out detailed job debriefing and reporting from the sales, production and engineering technology to the logistics support department. In particular, Department appeared on the issue of work. In particular, Luo Dong urged all departments to report problems and use data to speak. They should not take a quick look but should not evade indifference. They should adopt a correct attitude and face up to the problems that arise in their own departments. They should be truthful and pragmatic, and have effective solutions to the problems that arise The specific solutions to completely eliminate.

Luo Dong, chairman of the various departments to make instructions

Be prepared to be positive attitude and improve efficiency to complete the goal

In the sales of the third division won the VIP customers in the South China market awards scene, the sales director Zhou, director of three weeks full of excitement tearful, on the scene played the fierce competition won the difficult process of video, the expression of emotion The achievements of the hard-won, in order to achieve the company's goal, from engineering to production, the team home caregivers work attitude, efficiency, quality and unity of the spirit is the key to this achievement, Ask everyone to cherish the order of extra, strive to control the quality of all customers of this product and shipping requirements. Luo Dong personally awarded the outstanding team members bonuses, and give everyone a heavy encouragement hug.

Company Luo Dong personally awarded the outstanding team members bonuses

If the motivation can inspire the creativity and innovation of employees, improve staff efforts and achieve better performance, equity incentive is to detonate the team's unlimited potential. In the last session of the General Assembly, the Company announced the work progress and partner plan of the Haiqi Joint-stock Enterprise and opened up the share-holding rules and the individual's shareholdings that everyone was most concerned about. Why must be responsible business? Where is the reason for business existence? Some people in order to make money, some people in order to support their families, these are not bad, but the fundamental and true purpose of business management is neither the dream of a technician, nor is the fat business owner. Operators must have the well-being of the staff's happiness, there must be super-selfish, so that enterprises have a righteous cause. To make all staff and their own stormy, work together, lack of "righteous cause" will not work. It is so noble to do the work of the person in charge of the enterprise. If there is no such thing as a "righteous cause," it will be very difficult for people to create the desire and the goal of continuing their hard work from the bottom of their hearts. The purpose of equity incentive is to make everybody turn the enterprise into its own company, and let me change it into what I want to do. Let a person do all work together to become the real owner of the enterprise so that everyone can have fun through their own efforts. life.

Luo Dong's words are like "reassurance", so that this half-year cadre conference has entered the epoch-making significance of the new era of sea-quake. It also played a catalytic role for all management cadres in understanding how to be vigilant in time for peace, improving their efficiency, and accomplishing their goals. Will continue to ferment.

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