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Share | Wisdom New retail impact and change on the traditional terminal display of the brand store

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The progress and development of the times make the human consumption level not only meet the basic requirements of living material but rather meet the spiritual needs while material requirements are met.

With regard to the nature of retail, 7-11 founder Suzuki Min-wen made a very simple remark: "The essence of retail is to meet the changing needs of customers." This is a very simple sentence, probably every retail business will often say, but In fact, not so easy.

To take an example of what everyone has experienced, many customers presumably encounter the awkward situation that salespeople are always trailing behind or the unwillingness to interact with the salespeople, causing the user to turn around and leave. At this point we imagine another scenario: self-help, DIY, unmanned! Users in the space can be free to choose products, feel more convenient and comfortable experience. This is an important part of the new retail model that we'll talk about next - the user experience.

How far are you from New Retail?

In recent years, the rapid development of the Internet e-commerce has prompted the offline traditional branded stores to upgrade their consumption patterns and extend the propaganda orientation of various smart stores as well as the launching of new retail unmanned stores and entities such as "Box Ma Xian Sheng" The interactive product or technology apparently has become the mainstream of the moment. The wisdom of new retail already from the blind to become a reality slowly. This reality has also had a huge impact on the retail industry and the display of traditional brand terminals.

Wisdom New retail is a change to the traditional retail formats, using smart technology, the Internet, Internet of Things technology, the integration of products and service experience; through online and offline traffic combination, all-channel access and cash. Through the use of advanced technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, the production, distribution and sales of commodities are upgraded and rebuilt, thereby reshaping the business structure and ecosystem and providing in-depth integration of online services, off-line experiences and modern logistics New retail model. In our view, the impact and changes that the new retail will have on the display of brand terminals in the future will be mainly reflected in whether it is more convenient, simpler, more powerful and more comfortable to experience.

A variety of self-service vending machines, the emergence of unattended shops is in line with the convenience of consumers lazy nature. Make consumption process easier. A variety of new retail smart technologies integrate Internet and IoT technologies such as computer vision, machine learning and sensors to enhance consumer experience in store-to-store: Automatic checkout, layout optimization, customer tracking, real-time personalization promotion , Stock optimization ...

In the moment when material life is rich enough, most of consumers' shopping behavior is not for the product itself, but also for satisfying mental needs - perhaps pleasure and experience, especially from the needs of human beings Stimulate people's touch, visual, auditory, and even taste the satisfaction of immersion experience. Comfortable and quality shopping experience is in fact the ultimate requirement for retail and branded terminal display.

The traditional store props and store design is no longer to meet the needs of the brand new terminal display terminal status of the retail store in the convenience of the experience, the traditional store display mainly through the path design and layout to optimize the user experience through Guide to the offline shopping guide to attract the user's eye, in fact, the distance between the brand's product and the user has always existed. In terms of comfort, the traditional store display scene is more single, the product lacks the emotion and temperature of connecting the user, and the brand culture is not integrated into the comfort of the scene and the experience, thus hardly causing the user's resonance. Therefore, the display of brand terminals urgently needs the new technologies, new ideas, new ideas and new tools brought by new retail stores to change and enhance the overall image.

Haiqi display as a terminal brand storefront display integrated service industry practitioners, the vision is to become the best brand store terminal intelligent display service integrators. Service brand terminal display customers include Huawei, vivo, Meizu, Samsung, Suning, Acoustics, Jinli, and Qazilan, MC, MB, DCAMP and so on, offering a variety of unified solutions for OAO (Online And Offline) A variety of scenes design and build. The arrival of the new retail era, our customers are new and curious, but also means that the traditional experience shop can not meet the needs of consumers.

We think the new retail will not only enhance the visual aesthetic feeling, but also increase the tactile interaction experience (touch, vision, smell, auditory sensory experience). Make products and people communicate with each other, dialogue with each other, so that the product temperature, resulting in product personality, product-specific characteristics of the brand, so that a cold product into a viable product. The new retail not only uses artificial intelligence to solve the tedious and complicated manual work, but more importantly, it gives the product vitality, the sense of temperature, and ultimately the convenience and comfort of the terminal display.

Sharing is the lowest cost brand advocacy model. Our show scene needs to be more entertaining and beautiful. Sharing is the basic needs of many young people now, if your scene is not fun enough, not gambling, not tall enough, not beautiful, personality, she would certainly not want to share, and sharing is the lowest cost brand advocacy model.

In the convenience of new retail, Haiqi integrates various technologies and designs that meet the brand's features and meet the user's convenience on the display of brand terminals, so that users are attracted to the store, experiencing the store, relaxing the transaction, and satisfying the purchase again Closed-loop business. In the brand terminal display on-site comfort, the sea is dedicated to end-users to create a more warm shopping environment and a better user experience. Integration of the cross-border elements into the scene-based design of the terminal displays the analysis of consumer culture and user lifestyles, allowing consumers to upgrade from simple product purchase to brand commonality and individual value recognition.

Haiqi closely follows the pace of the times in the layout of the new retail, from the traditional display of physical stores to smart display, experience show, the new retail brand integration services optimization and upgrading. There are many business opportunities from the transition from the traditional terminal display to the new retail smart display. The future is a big demand point. With the new growth of Chinese brands and the emergence of more and more brands, each brand needs its own personality and needs, so it is even more necessary for us to speed up the entire industry and provide a platform for the industry Integration Services.

Considered from two aspects:

1. The future of the entire brand terminal display industry trends and growth is very fast, very good, sea-Qi from the brand store terminal display integration build, the future also has a lot of market space.

2. In the new era background, to operate well our own traditional storefront production, design, manufacture, sales and platform advantages to adapt to the new era of new retail, as well as the rapid iteration of intelligent display, faster for all Chinese brands take On the new retail wings, enhance sales, brand influence, increase product temperature, which truly reflects our business value and social value.

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