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Encounter nature of art | haze didn't laugh, never to return to the green life

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Encounter the art of nature with Haiqi




One house, one world

Five dimensions to construct a microclimate

Midea 5D microclimate Experience Store is built by Midea Air Conditioning in order to enable people living in the fast pace to get close to nature "without going out of the city". It has established a natural microclimate in the city of Shenzhen, where it is full of vitality and health. The use of micro climate regulation, to create a fresh small space.

Midea 5D Microclimate Experience Store has gradually evolved from an empty blank room into a natural product, becoming a vibrant resting place. Here, you can fully feel the beauty of the air conditioning space station theme "never haze did not laugh, return to natural vitality" for you to bring surprise and joy.

These surprises come from the years of precipitation of the establishment of the shop experience and mature technology. From the paper design to the project landing, through time and space, we can feel the natural culture and art built brick by brick. Let your mind and body go back to nature.

Through the comprehensive adjustment of five dimensions, namely temperature, humidity, wind, clean and fresh, Midea AIR Space Station opens the natural adjustment with one button, comprehensively creating the natural mode microclimate, and experiencing the ingenious and wonderful of "one house, one world, five dimensions to build the microclimate"!

The details are in the chapter

Every moment is the temperature of joy, and the children's zone is the starting point of this "house". Stepping out of the house is like being in a tropical rainforest.

Through 7928 soft air micro holes, the beauty of air conditioning air Whisperer series extremely soft out of the wind. So in the details, we better fit the theme, using floor tile material and flexible use of soft air micro hole "hole" elements.

In fact, design is a series of communication and demand agitation, it will move line, function, storage and other practical functions in aesthetics metaphor, into the natural environment and culture. Design, and hence the breathing temperature. We have placed a number of breathing lights decorated with dynamic seven-color light strips in the experience hall, hoping that everyone can breathe freely in the natural climate and revitalize their vitality.

Haiqi's design team will consider many dimensions when designing commercial space stores, such as design style, landing experience, personalized scene, etc....... In addition to providing customers with high-quality products and professional service attitude, we also hope to make users achieve better experience through small innovation in design.

TCL Smart Home Experience Store

The smart home experience store created by TCL, a global high-tech home appliance enterprise, will surely reawaken our fantasy of future family life, and here is the epitome of future life.

If Midea 5D microclimate Experience Store brings us the vitality of natural vitality, then TCL Smart Home Experience store is a simple but not simple fashion and intelligent gathering place.

Haiqi shows the present, and the brand embraces the future

At present, Haiqi has become a high-end service brand in China's exhibition industry, and is a leading intelligent terminal display integrated service provider integrating R&D, design, production, sales and after-sales service.

In the past 14 years, Haiqi has extended and upgraded from a single traditional prop production to a smart new retail, and has won unanimous recognition from customers in the whole store design and landing project. In the future, Haiqi should follow the trend of The Times, adhere to breakthrough and innovation, and become the best integrated service provider of intelligent display of brand store terminals, so that global brands love Haiqi!

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